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  Sizing and Framing  


The portraits are available in the following three sizes:

  • 8 x 10 inches
  • 11 x 14 inches
  • 18 x 24 inches

For reference, the 8 x 10 inch size is the standard size of most photographs of gedolim.

The 11 x 14 inch portraits are almost double the size (in square inches) of the 8 x 10 portraits, and thus show more detail. The 18 x 24 prints are quite large, at nearly 2.5 times the size (in square inches) of the 11 x 14 prints. 

The original portraits were drawn on 18 x 24 inch paper, so there is no loss of detail in the reproductions.


All of the portraits can be framed with or without a mat. We have chosen these three sizes for the prints because they are all standard sizes, and frames and mats in these sizes are readily available, without having to incur extra expenses for custom framing.

Below is a list of tips, suggestions, and ideas for displaying your portraits:

  • Black frames generally look best.
  • For mats, off-white mats seem to work best, while white mats detract from the portraits.
  • For 8 x 10 inch prints, you can either buy a standard 8 x 10 inch frame, or purchase an 11 x 14 inch frame with a 8 x 10 mat.
  • For 11 x 14 inch prints, you can either buy a standard 11 x 14 inch frame, or purchase an 18 x 24 inch frame with an 11 x 14 mat.
  • For 18 x 24 inch prints, the easiest framing option is simply to use an 18 x 24 frame, without a mat.  Using a mat requires a larger frame, which is harder to find, and the mat would most likely have to be cut custom.
  • In general, for the 8 x 10 portraits, thinner frames work better, while for the 11 x 14 and 18 x 24 inch prints, wider frames work better. However, this is more a question of personal preference.


If you have any questions about sizing or framing, please feel free to contact us any time!

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