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Through the extremely talented hand of Binyomin Allen, GedolimPortraits.com is honored to be able to help bring the gedolim into our homes through a beautifully hand-drawn collection of portraits. In contrast to traditional gedolim pictures and photographs, these portraits are all similar in style, color, and lighting. You can now have one uniform display of your favorite gedolim, without a discrepancy between older, black-and-white photographs versus newer color photographs. In these portraits, we have removed distracting backgrounds. And in some pictures, the artist has compared the photograph he is drawing to other photographs to bring out some features in even more detail and accuracy than the original photograph. The result is a striking, uniform collection of gedolim pictures that match together beautifully.

These portraits will satisfy everyone. For those who want the sanctity of the gedolim to permeate their homes, the pictures capture the depth and personality of each gadol. For those wanting an artistic touch, the detail and style in these portraits is exquisite. And for those wanting to add warmth to their home, the unique combination of artistry and sanctity in these pictures is sure to warm up any home or office.

Each picture is hand-drawn, using nothing more than a charcoal pencil and Binyomin's amazing, G-d given talent. He draws the details of each picture so precisely that if you compare the original to the drawing, you can see that every wrinkle, every piece of hair, every nuance of lighting, is exactly the same as in the original.

Over the coming months, we plan to continue to expand our collection of gedolim portraits. If your favorite gadol is missing - or if you have other pictures that would like to have portraits of - please contact us about adding the picture to our collection.

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