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  Meet the Artist  

In order to bring the greatness of Gedolei Yisroel into your home, GedolimPortraits.com contracted Binyomin A., an artist living in Beitar, Israel.

Born into a large family of creative and artistic personalities, Binyomin began making art as soon as he was able to hold a pencil. Over the years, his abilities were developed with the support of his parents, who provided him with supplies for his many projects. He never attended an art school or received any formal training, but was raised to understand that his talents were a gift to be used diligently. "Draw what you enjoy, draw it well, and draw it often," was his father’s advice.

Over the years, his artistic efforts have encompassed a broad spectrum of styles and subjects – ranging from classical methods to electronic media, from children’s illustrations to manuscript illuminations. In recent years, he has focused his efforts on answering the increasing demand for oil paintings and charcoal portraiture.

When asked if he has a philosophy in art, he answers that he does not. Instead, he chooses to emphasize methodology: faithfulness to the sources, strict attention to detail, and carefully maintaining a focus on the "big picture." These focus points of methodology combine to bring out a vibrant visual balance.

As for the passion behind his work, its source and its subject are one and the same. The fervently Jewish world in which he moves and from which he draws inspiration imbue his work with the intensity and depth, realism and spirituality, of the Chosen Nation.

Today he applies his talents to the most worthy portrait of all – the face of Torah Judaism, Gedolei Yisroel – the spiritual giants of the Jewish People.

"V’hadarta pnei zakein."  "And you shall honor the face of the Sage." – Vayikra 19:32

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