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Is there a place on your site where I can find a complete list of all of the portraits?

Yes. Please refer to the site map. The list of gedolim is in alphabetical order. However, a few of the names may not be where you expect to find them in the list, depending on what part of the gadol's real or common name we chose to use for alphabetizing.

What is the difference in the three sizes? Which do you recommend?

Please see our sizing and framing page for detailed information on sizing.

Do the portraits come with frames?

No. We are selling high resolution Giclee renditions of the original artwork.

What is the best way to frame the portraits?

Please see our sizing and framing page for detailed information on framing.

Is the original artwork available for purchase?

No. However, these reproductions are of such high quality that it is extremely difficult to tell the difference between the original and a reproduction.

Why do the pictures appear to have slightly off-white backgrounds?

The original artwork was drawn on off-white paper, which creates the warmest, softest impression. 

Once framed, the actual background color becomes imperceptible to the viewer. However, the warmth of the portrait shines through, which is the reason for the off-white background.

Why do some of the backgrounds seem to be slightly different colors?

When the portraits were rendered into digital format, each portrait was touched up individually to bring out the most detail. By mildly changing the background color of each portrait, we were able to bring out more detail and add more warmth to the pictures.

How were the original drawings converted into digital prints?

Each picture was photographed using a 35 mega-pixel camera. This is the same methodology used by museums for rendering the world's most expensive art into digital format.

How are the portraits printed?

All printing is done using Giclee printing. Please see our museum quality printing page for more information.

Can I purchase at wholesale prices in order to sell the portraits retail?

Please contact us for more information about selling our portraits retail. In your correspondence, please include your location, what prints you are most interested in, anticipated volume, and how you plan to sell and market the portraits.

Can I commission the artist to do drawings for me? 

Quite possibly!  Please contact us for more information. In your correspondence, please include details about what you would like Binyomin to draw, what size, an image of the original, if possible, and any other information you think would be helpful.

Once I purchase, can I make copies of my portraits?

No. All reproduction rights are the exclusive property of GedolimPortraits.com.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes. Please refer to our gift certificates page to purchase a gift certificate.

Other questions? If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us any time!

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