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Rav Yaakov Kamenetsky (2)

  • Rav Yaakov Kamenetsky
  • Rav Yaakov Kamenetsky
  • Rav Yaakov Kamenetsky
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In his 95 years, Rav Yaakov Kamenetsky (February 28, 1891 – March 10, 1986) combined many lives. He was a product of Slabodka and one of the closest disciples of its legendary "Alter," the master molder of great people. He was a confidant and advisor of leaders many years his senior. He was the leader of kehillos in Europe and America. He was rosh yeshivah of Torah Vodaas. He was the sage, guide, and counselor of American Torah Jewry for half a century, the man his peers called, "the wise man of the generation."

A story from Reb Yaakov's childhood captures his enduring sincerity: At the age of eleven, he left home to learn in the yeshiva of Minsk. After he passed the entry exam, the Rosh Yeshiva still doubted whether he should accept him, due to his youth. "You are not even bar mitzvah yet," he remarked. With childish innocence, the young Yaakov replied, "Well, I came here to learn, not to be the tenth man of a minyan."

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