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Rav Noach Weinberg

  • Rav Noach Weinberg
  • Rav Noach Weinberg
  • Rav Noach Weinberg
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Rabbi Noach Weinberg (February 16, 1930 – February 5, 2009) was the founder and Rosh Yeshiva of the sprawling global outreach operation Aish HaTorah. He was a unique visionary who touched the hearts of souls of thousands, bringing them back to a Torah-true lifestyle.

In deciding whether or not to do something, Rabbi Weinberg's only consideration was whether it would constitute a Kiddush Hashem. His sole gauge was whether an action produced more peace and unity as defined by the Torah. Rabbi Weinberg lived by these principles throughout his personal life, and made them the cornerstone of Aish HaTorah. If an action would contradict the ideals of peace and unity, Rabbi Weinberg was willing to back down.

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